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这个应该没错如Edible Flowers are More Than Just a Garnish;Video Games Are More Than Just a Feast for the Eyes; banks are more than just a place to put he money

why do the pandas live in zoos 为什么熊猫生活在动物园里

Years ago,many zoos kept all kinds of animals in small cages.Small cages made it easy for people to see the animals,but a small cage is not a good place for an animal to live in. Today zoos keep animals in different kinds of ca...

you can see many animals in the zoos in the zoo,是指在动物里面,而at the zoo是指位置,在动物园的某一处,具体的某一点

A. Against 我反对新建一个动物园,因为我认为对动物来说动物园没有一个好的生活环境。

zoozoo club 日本一个综艺节目 zoozoos新的沃达丰广告中的白色的,幽灵一样的小生物

个人认为这个句子不完整,它应该是想表达“动物园是孩子们喜欢去的地方,那里是最能给孩子们带来欢乐的地方之一。”正确的写法应该是:Zoos are some of the most delightful places that childre like.

Nowadays more and more zoos have been established to keep animals on the edge of exctintion.Some think that zoos let them have a chance to observe wild animals in person.However, I believe that keeping animals in cages is absol...

human is also a kind of animals,why dose not man keep themselves at homes for a whole day ?why dose not man lock themselves at homes ?why dose man go out for a view ?总之就是说人类对自然界的过分剥夺和抢劫。呵呵,希望你们能成功。

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