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wonDEr liFE 和wonDErFul liFE有没有区别?

To be honest,learning makes my life wondeful.for example, when I watch TV,I can speak many name of the TV,it is result of I have chinese class.Second, I can help my mother buying something she want to buy,and I can take money.b...

歌曲名:Life Is Wonder 歌手:Unchain 专辑:Rapture Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful It takes a crane to build a crane It takes two floors to make a story It takes an egg to make a hen It takes a hen to make an egg There is no end to...

瑞瑞的妹妹,还没有可爱标志,和姐姐一样拥有亚特兰大...Canterlot Wondercolts坎特拉奇骏团Help her win the ...Friends for life唯独有你This is what youmean to...

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