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两者都表示建议,区别在于: 1. why not 后面加动词原形,构成Why not do sth.? (为何不……呢?),例如: Why not try again? 为何不再试一下? The opportunity is there. Why not seize it? 机会就在那儿,为什么不抓住它? 2. why do not 后...

您好,有这种用法的,意思是说话人提议对方做什么,“为何不做。。。呢” eg. - It is so hot. - Why not to swim?

why not do sth?译为 为什么不做某事呢? 举例 why not go to the movies?译为 为什么不去看电影呢?

是why not try doing。 因为有词组why not do sth,所以why not后面加动词原型。 why not try doing意思是为什么不尝试做某事。 例句: You can't run, why not try jogging? 你不能快跑,为什么不尝试慢跑呢? why not 英[hwai nɔt] 美[hw...

What about going to the study? How about going to the study? Why don't you go to the study? You'd better go to the study. What do you think of going to the study?

Why not ask 【someone】to help you with your lessons ? 翻译;为什么不找个人帮助你呢? 解析;这里是需要得到别人肯定的回答所以要someone【某人】.

Why not do为什么不;为什么不做某事;怎么不做某事呢 例句: 1.Why do not you think about me a bit ? 为什么你不为我考虑一下呢? 2.'I thought, 'Why not do what you want to do? '' adds his wife. 'Life is too shortand I don't like yo...

why not后面加动词的原形形式。 why not +do ; 比如:Why not take a bus? Why don't +人称、谓语。 比如:Why don't you take a bus? why not 在口语中的四种用法: 1. 表示同意或赞成,意为:好的;可以呀;为什么不可以呢。如: A:May I go...

why don’t 后要加人 why dont you do....... why not 后直接加动词 why not do..... 1. Whydon't you come over to our place one evening? 你何不找个晚上到我们这里来坐坐? 来自《简明英汉词典》 2. Whydon't you come around and see us one...

1.why not do 2.why don’t you do

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