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题目不全,所说内容不外乎主谓一致的问题。 A set of keys , of keys 是修饰a set 的。 如果是a set of key 后面谈到用单数还是复数的话 要用单数。

函数的复合Combination of functions The composition of f with g, written as f(g(x)) is the function obtained by replacing x wherever it occurs in f(x) by g(x). We also write for f(g(x)). The domain of is the set of all x in the ...

you are the set of your choices 你是你的选择 choice 英 [tʃɔɪs] 美 [tʃɔɪs] n. 选择;选择权;精选品;入选者 adj. 上等的,精选的 It's available in a choice of colours. 有多种颜色可供选择。 They had littl...

“a set of + 复数名词”作主语时,谓语动词该用单数还是复数。 当“a set of + 复数名词”作主语时,谓语动词用单数或复数都有可能,我们手头收录了16 个例句,下面是其中的四个例子: (1) ...if one set of figures is sharply out of line with a...

the set of books are of great 【use】 for students 这套书对学生们有很多用处。 保障正确,请采纳。

写的问题 The problem of writing

There is a set of keys on the table.桌子上有串儿钥匙。




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