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tAylor swiFt的《piCturE to Burn》的歌词

Taylor swift很多歌都是骂前男友的,推荐你听下她的《forever and always》或者《should ve say no》,都挺不错的,她很多歌都是骂前男友的,你可以搜搜看。尤其是在她早期的乡村音乐专辑中。

love story forever and always back to december if this was a movie starlight stuck in the moment

应该是picture to burn,我昨天晚上也看了 picture to burn 歌手:taylor swift 专辑:taylor swift State the obvious I didn't get my perfect fantasy I realized you love yourself More that you could ever love me So go and tell your f...

I remember when we broke up, the first time. 我记得那是我们初次分手。 saying this is it I’ve had enough. 我说就这样吧我已经受够了。 cause like we hadn’t seen each other in a month. 因为似乎我们一个月都没有见面了。 when you said...

1.《Taylor Swift》 1 Tim McGraw 2 Picture to Burn 3 Teardrops on My Guitar 4 A Place in This World 5 Cold As You 6 The Outside 7 Tied Together With A Smile 8 Stay Beautiful 9 Should Said No 10 Oh My My My 11 Our Song 2.《Taylor...

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