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tAkE oFF造句

take off这个短语常用的意思有两个,一个是起飞,一个是脱掉。我给你各举一个例子。 1、The airplane is going to take off in ten minutes. 飞机将在10分钟后起飞。 2、I have to take my jacket off because it is too hot here. 我得把我的夹...

We eventually took off at 11 o'clock and arrived in Venice at 1.30. 我们终于在11点起飞,1:30到达威尼斯。 They need to expand the number of farmers who are involved if the scheme's goingto really take off. 这个方案要想真正成功,...

The plane takes off飞机起飞了 I take off my hat我脱下了帽子

He took off his coat because it is hot . The plane took off just now . His career took off after that .

Traffic safety is everybody's business. Records show that every year a lot of people die in traffic accidents. They don't slow down while approaching crossroads. So many people violate traffic regulations that we cannot。

(飞机) 起飞 We eventually took off at 11 o'clock and arrived in Juneau at 1:30. 我们终于在11点起飞,1:30到达朱诺。 脱去 He wouldn't take his hat off. 他不愿脱下他的帽子。 休假 Mitchel's schedule had not permitted him to take ti...

Take off your shoes. 脱下你的鞋子

Please take down the books from the shelf. 请把书从架上取下来。 The policeman took down all particulars of the accident. 警察把事故的所有细节都记录下来了。 She took down the speech in short hand. 她用速记法把演讲记了下来。

China will take place Winter Olympic Games.


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