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surrounding改成surrounded, 这里应该是表示被动,所以用过去分词。

surround [sə'raʊnd] n. 围绕物 vt. 围绕;包围 adj. 环绕立体声的 短语 surround speaker 环绕声音箱 ; 小音箱应该接在环绕声 ; 环绕声的尺寸 ; 尺寸到环绕声 abiotic surround 无生命环境 ; 无生命的环境 Surround Gaming 环视游戏 ...

B Be surrounded by 是被。。。包围的 意思。

C 考查非谓语动词。while在这里表转折意义,有“然而”之意,surround一词是及物动词,be surrounded by被……包围,这里是状语从句的省略,省略了it is。

Other nations surrounding the ocean are equally determined to grab a slice of the action. 这句话是说其他国家也试图跟俄国一样同样作为。就是尽管...

surrounding rock and observation results show that the roadway determined by the reasonable coal pillar width and anchor nets supporting parameters and help ...

Stonehenge itself is owned by the Crown and managed by English Heritage while the surrounding land is owned by the National Trust.[3][4]New ...

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