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【a small amount of】在表示不可数名词的数量时使用。 少量的;小量的; 1. Operational recommendations, a small amount of air to continue to hold, up to gap profits. 操作建议,少量空单继续持有,以缺口为止盈。 2. All right, in a ni...

a small amount of+不可数名词,意思是“少量的;小量的”。 如: 1). There is a small amount of water in the bottle. 瓶子里有少量水。 2). As I said it's only a small amount of blood . 就像我说的很少一点血。 区别: a small number of ...

a small amount [美] [e smɔl əˈmaʊnt]   [英] [ə smɔ:l əˈmaunt] 少量; 零星

a small amount of deductible 少量的可扣除额 a small amount of deductible 少量的可扣除额

有区别。两者用法和要说的名词是要配合的,一般而言,“a small amount of ” 用于不可数都,但是 "a small number of" 就只能用在可数名词。举例: 1. “ a small amount of water” 一点点水,不能说为:“a small number of water” 2. "a small am...

pay a small amount in every month 每个月付少许钱 pay a small amount in every month 每个月付少许钱

a small amount of通常与不可数、无生命的名词连用。 Just use a very small amount of oil? 只用一点点油吗? a small number of与可数、有生命或无生命的名词连用。 A small number of students 少数同学 a large/small quantity of:后面可以接...

a small amount of后接不可数名词 a small number of后接可数名词复数

a small amount [英][ə smɔ:l əˈmaunt][美][e smɔl əˈmaʊnt] 少量; 零星; 例句: 1. To her surprise, a small amount of viable dna was extracted. 令琳达惊讶的是,她成功提取了少量可进行分析的dna...

都错的, 用a不用an

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