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银行往来对帐服务等,reconciliation是核对,对帐的意思.如reconciliation of bank accounts意为银行帐目的核对 ;Effective rate reconciliation指实际税率的调节表适用税率; 来自于动词 reconcile,二个意思,第一个意思调停,排解,这和会计没...

核对金额 {会计} 可以参考例句 Each month we reconcile our check book with the bank statement. 我们每个月都把支票簿与银行结账单核对一次。

reconsilation statement是余额调节表的意思。 所以,reconsile有对帐调节的意思


a) D might misappropriate cash and it might be hard to discover as D also prepares the bank reconciliation statement. D 可能会挪用现金,而由于D同时负责编制银行对账调整表,这可能将难以被发现。 b) This is a hard question as we do...

To keep a record of who the cheque was payable to and how much. Essential before on line/telephone banking when you only got a statement every 3 months To record the details of the cheque, such as payee, amount and purpose, for...

第一问Enter June Journal transactions, post to the Ledgers and prepare Unadjusted Trial Balance输入6月的每日交易事项,登记明细分类账并编制试算平衡表 要求a)You are required to enter the following transactions for the month of Ju...


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