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lot number是batch number的子项目。 举例说明:食品和药品行业管理中提到的批号应该是Batch,因为食品和药品安全主要取决于原料和生产过程。同一批生产出的产品通常需要通过多次的包装后作为成品发运。每一批包装的可以用Lot来管理,但是一旦出...

lot number[英][lɔt ˈnʌmbə][美][lɑt ˈnʌmbɚ] 批号; 例句: 1. Available parking ( in lot number 5) has not kept up with the demand, so plan to arrive early. 海滩的停车位(5号停车场)供不应求,请做...

批号 pīhào [batch number (B.N.); lot number (lot no.)] 一批产品的号码,用以检查产品生产的时间、质量及有效期等

1109批次 比如说货物第一批 the first lot

lot number 英[lɔt ˈnʌmbə] 美[lɑt ˈnʌmbɚ] [释义]批号; [例句]In the u. s., boxes of authentic avastin are labeled in english, say they were made by genentech and have a six-digit lot number with...


ITEM NUMBER货号(分工厂货号和客户货号) LOT NUMBER (生产批号,通常印于外箱上)

batch批次lot分批EAB number~楼下你怎么看…Post from Mobile.

lot number 批号的意思。一批产品的号码,用以检查产品生产的时间、质量及有效期等

lot number (1)释义: [计] 批号 (2)短语: lot number 批号;批量编号;批数 lot number 批号 lot numberbatch number 批号

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