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live on 是以。。。为食,有靠什么生活的意思, 而feed on纯粹是以。。。为主食的意思

feed on v. 动物以…为食,以…为能源 feed on [feed on sth] phr v 1 if an 《animal《 feeds on a particular food, it usually eats that food Owls feed on mice and other small animals. 以…为食 2 if a feeling or process feeds on somethi...

feed on 以...为食物(多用于动物)Live on 靠...生活 也有以...为食物的意思,不过多用于人

live pricing feeds 实时定价

翻译: 给我吃,我就活;让我酗酒,我便死去。

面临危机的动物 熊猫生存在中国西南部的森林及山脉。它们以竹子为食。不过现在它们能生存的土地变得越少了。它们的数量也渐渐变少。 世界上最大的动物是什么?大象?不,是鲸鱼。蓝鲸生存在海洋。它们是世上最大以及最重的动物,不过它们却吃最...


pack(packed) lock(locked) water (watered)turn(turned) clean(cleaned) live(lived) stop(stopped) buy (bought)feed(fed) go(went)

歌手:Brian McFadden 歌曲:Real To Me Bullshit dinners and the free champagne Men in suits who think they know it all No one knows me but they know my name That's not real to me Hotel lobby to the airplane Another country but t...

like hypochondria; in both, the fear or anxiety feeds on partial ...Those with a mind to "live for today"[3] are apt to be indifferent ...

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