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live on 是以。。。为食,有靠什么生活的意思, 而feed on纯粹是以。。。为主食的意思

feed on v. 动物以…为食,以…为能源 feed on [feed on sth] phr v 1 if an 《animal《 feeds on a particular food, it usually eats that food Owls feed on mice and other small animals. 以…为食 2 if a feeling or process feeds on somethi...

feed on 以...为食物(多用于动物)Live on 靠...生活 也有以...为食物的意思,不过多用于人

从语法来看 Pandas mainly live on bamboo. 和 Pandas mainly live on bamboo. 都对,但 live 的意思是 生存 feed 的意思是 喂,食用 因此 live on sth = 依赖食用某东西来生存 而 feed on sth 仅有食用某东西之意。

A 试题分析:考查词组:A. feed on以…为主食(指动物)B. live on以,..为主食(指人)C. feed by这不是个短语D. live by靠…生存,句意:你能告诉我们马以什么为主食吗?选A。点评:平时学习的时候要把一些经常考查的动词短语进行归类总结,特别...

歌曲名:Country Feedback (Live) (Athens 1992) (Applause Faded) 歌手:R.E.M. 专辑:Bang And Blame R.E.M_Country_Feedback This flower is scorched This film is on On a maddening loop. These clothes, These clothes don't fit us right I...


pack(packed) lock(locked) water (watered)turn(turned) clean(cleaned) live(lived) stop(stopped) buy (bought)feed(fed) go(went)


like :喜欢 fruit :食物 the top of the cage :在笼子的顶部

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