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这个ac01_new1.aac002是不是写错了,应该是ac01.aac002吧? 如果是,语句应该这样写: update ac01 a set a.aac003 = (select b.aac003_new from ac01_new1 b where b.aac002=a.aac002) where exists(select 1 from ac01_new1 b where b.aac002=...

Life is like a boat (生命如梭) Nobody knows who I really am I never felt this empty before And if I ever need someone to come along Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong We are all rowing the boat of fate The waves keep on ...

Smujji - Like Rain Rain rain, like rain like rain 雨, 雨,就像雨, 就像雨 You are the bright this spot in my day 你是我生命的亮点和高光 When I shall we’re loving like rain 我们的爱会像雨一般 And girl you made me missing rise ...

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