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金泰妍的《I》最后一句是My life is a beauty,我之前也听成了so

推荐,挺好听的一首歌。是泰妍迷你一辑的主打歌 I 。


--Dixie Chicks Some people think I'm crazy But try to understand I get satisfaction Out of everything I can The losers and the winners The laughter and the tears The noises of the day to day Is music to my ears And I like it Y...

《 I 》歌名就叫这个

翻译为: Life is full of beauty. 生活充满美 beauty 英[ˈbju:ti]美[ˈbjuti] n. 美人; 美好; 完美; 突出的范例

应该是少女时代的队长——金泰妍和Verbal Jint合唱的的《I》,歌词应该是:My life is so beauty.保证对,你可以去优酷上看看MV。

你好,我是刚刚发现的这个问题,虽然时间很长了,但还是希望能帮到你,这首歌应该是 zara larsson-uncover。

life is full of beauty 生活充满了美 双语对照 例句: 1. Life is full of surprises. 生活充满了令人惊讶的事。

The Love of Beauty The love ofbeauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature. It is a moral quality.The absence of it is not an assured ground of condemnation, but the presence ofit is an invariable sign of goodness of...

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