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on stage是表达基础阶段的,比如 On Stage 1; on the stage 是表达在舞台上,或者当演员的意思,适合大多数场合; in the stage是在舞台内部,比如你可以说老鼠在舞台里面; at the stage则表示眼下,目前。 这样看来,at the stage与on stage...

在舞台上,应该是on the stage

at 修饰具体的时间 in 修饰一段时间 at表示时间的一点;in表示一个时期 比如说He goes to school at seven o’clock in the morning.

in stage 似乎不是短语关系。in 在这里就是个普通的介词。例句:Microsatellite instability (MSI) in stage II and III colon cancer. 其中 stage II and III 是一起的。 at stage 似乎也很少出现。一般也是以 ”at the stage of“ 形式出现的。 ...

Attempting to Cleanup after ABORT raised in stage 看一下你的参数是否都对?生成的SQL是否正确?


in the very first stage 在第一阶段 例句 1.In the first stage, the number of embryos were very much, but only one developed to mature as usual. 初期,胚的数目往往很多,但常常只有1个发育成熟。 2.In the very first stage of the ope...

in the early stage of 在......早期阶段 双语例句 1 Objective To study the hemodynamic changes in the early stage of obstructive jaundice. 摘要目的研究阻塞性黄疸早期全身和内脏的血流动力学变化。 2 The structure shows that the ecos...

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