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i wAnt to mEEt you 什么意思?

i want to meet you 想要遇见你 我想和你见面

我期望见到你。 例句: 1、I want to meet you so eagerly because you have your unique charms. 我渴望与你相见,是因为你对我的独特魅力。 2、To me, that day dying, I want to meet you. 到我死的那天,我想见你。 3、I want to meet you, ...


歌名:Go First 歌手:Rose Cousins 专辑:We Have Made a Spark 发行日期:2012年2月28日 歌词: I want you to go first It's only getting worse Either way it's gonna hurt But i want you to go first I need you to leave I'm not the on...

Are you willing and do not know me, I love you long time. Although I know I am not particularly perfect, but I would be perfect for you...


可以用see you I want to see you on Monday afternoon. 我想在周一下午见你。 用meet you 也可以 表达,想在周一下午见面。

是宾补没错。句子中I 是主语,want 是谓语动词,to meet you 是宾语。I想遇见谁?是you,说明I和you是有一定关系的。此句子是want接不定式作宾语

意思是:如果可以我想再18岁之后遇见你 the age of 年龄的 例句 1、Mary Martin has died at her home in California at the age of seventy-six. 玛丽·马丁76岁时卒于加利福尼亚家中。 2、In 1944, at the age of 30, Hersey suddenly became a...

whether right or wrong.i want to meet you 不管是对是错,我想见到你。 重点词汇 whether其中的哪一个; 可能的选择 right or wrong不管如何 want to要; 应该 meet相遇; 相识; 开会; 接触; 满足; 迎接 “I don't know whether it's right or wro...

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