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i lovE EAting mEAt 作文

C、give up 1. 让出 2. 放弃 3. 戒绝;

I like eating meat. I love eating meat. I prefer eating meat. I am fond of eating meat. I enjoy eating meat.


去掉was my cousin david used to love eating meat, but it changed one day. 欢迎采纳

1. belong: 属于,没有被动语态,因此不能用B 2. 老虎以肉为食,动词应该是"feed".而"feed on" :才是"以..为食" 故选A

I like eating meat. 主语为第三人称单数时,动词才用三单形式。 例子:She likes eating meat. He likes eating meat.

选B。 belong to属于(主动) feed on 以...为食物(主动) Cows feed on hay. 牛以干草为食。

Eating too much meat is bad for your health. At the every beginning, eating too much meat makes you fat, which might troubles you a lot. What is more, eating too much meat will cause countless serious diseases such as diabetes,...

want 可以加 to do 也可以加doing 形式是:sb want 动名词 doing形式的词,其实几乎都可以理解为名词的,而want 后面也可以直接加名词,so... i just want sleeping now... 呵呵。。。 希望能帮助到你

——Does the tortoise like eating meat? ——No,it doesn't.

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