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i lovE EAting mEAt 作文

C、give up 1. 让出 2. 放弃 3. 戒绝;

I like eating meat. I love eating meat. I prefer eating meat. I am fond of eating meat. I enjoy eating meat.

去掉was my cousin david used to love eating meat, but it changed one day. 欢迎采纳


1. belong: 属于,没有被动语态,因此不能用B 2. 老虎以肉为食,动词应该是"feed".而"feed on" :才是"以..为食" 故选A

Eating too much meat is bad for your health. At the every beginning, eating too much meat makes you fat, which might troubles you a lot. What is more, eating too much meat will cause countless serious diseases such as diabetes,...

英文: English style of eating habits is also easy, pay attention to nutrition. Breakfast is usually porridge milk or a cup of red juice, coated with butter toast, fried bacon or sausage, eggs. At noon, the children eat lunch at...

eating meat 释义: 吃肉 网络: eating meat 吃肉 Eating flesh meat 多吃长肉肉Patient Eating Pheasant Meat 病人食雉肉喻

Although there are various of dishes in china,I love jiaozi best.Dumpling is a brilliant facet of Chinese culture,stand for the collective spirit of the nation..It is widely acknowledged that Chinese people are always eating du...

which is more important ,health or wealth?this problem have brought hot debate.different people have different views.some people think that health is more important than wealth,money can't buy a healthy body.if people are not h...

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