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1. He is likely to get off with a small fine. 他可能会逃脱严惩,仅仅罚一点钱了事。 2. We help small companies to get off the ground. 我们帮助一些小公司顺利起步。 3. I told you. Get off the farm. 我告诉过你,离农场远点。 4. I ke...

Luke and his neighbor Cindy get off a bus. Cindy is angry. 卢克和邻居辛迪刚下公共汽车,辛迪很生气。 You must never get off a bus when it is moving. 公共汽车未停时千万不要下车。

DO you want get on board,and have the fish I have doing some things, get off my back

We got off immediately after breakfast。早饭后我们立即启程。 I'd like to get this letter off by the first post. 我想将这封信在邮局第一次收信时寄出去。 你可以去金山词霸上搜索get off这个词,会有很多句子出来的,这个稍微简单点。

get on, the train is about to leave.,Let's get on. 火车马上就要开了,咱们上车吧。 head for Soem one likes to head for the beach to cool off. 一些人喜欢到海滩来凉快凉快。 pull over, Please pull over and stop over there. 请靠边...

get off I'll get off here. 我要在这里下车。 Get off my back. 少跟我罗嗦。 have a difficult time I have a difficult time mixing work and pleasure. 我很难同时兼顾工作和娱乐。 have a good record He have a good track record as a sa...

1. In other words, menus provide a pedagogic vector. 换句话说,菜单是一条学习的途径。 2.We look forward to hearing from you. 我们期盼你的回音。 3.To see new england at its best, you should come in september when the leaves star...

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