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Doing whAt you likE

doing what you like is freedom,liking what you do is happiness 做你喜欢的是自由,喜欢你所做的就是幸福

当表示喜欢某事物,而且以前就喜欢,还可能持续,用like doing ,如: He likes cooking in his house. She likes singing. 这些都可以表示一个人长期的爱好. 当表示想要,欲做某事用like to do,如: He likes to cook in his house.- 他想在自己家做...


I like swimming 第二个的答案 I like apple.第一个的答案

what do you like doing? 你喜欢做什么? 例句: So, what do you feel like doing tonight? 那今晚你想做些什么?


What do you like doing 你喜欢做什么;你喜欢干什么;你喜欢什么样的活动 例句 1.Q5. What do you like doing in your free time? 你在空闲时间喜欢做什么? 2.What do you like doing best? 你最喜欢干什么? 3.What do you like doing after ...

flying kites.

I like  to  talk with  others  in  english .we  all  like  speaking  English .Teacher often  say  that  English  is  very  important .I  think Engl...

细微区别。like to do 可以表达当下想做的事情,意思更倾向于want to do . like doing 通常都用来表达平时爱做的事情,意思更倾向于谈论爱好。

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