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DAtE BACk to ʱ̬

date back to ֻʱ̬ͬhave esisted since ijʱOur partnership dates back to (We have been partners since )1960.Ǵ1960ͺϻˡ

would date back to dated back to had dated back to

date back to ׷ݵ (ȥʱ) The history of hockey can date back to thousands ago. ʷ׷ݵǧǰ The castle dates back to 1100. DZ1100ꡣ

date from ÷ This custom dates from the nineteenth century. ʼ19͡ My interest in stamp collecting dated from my schooldays. ҴѧʱͿʼüʡ This letter was dated from Beijing 20 May in 20...


ǵ date from ׷ݵʼڡһʱ

һʱ ijһԼ I will go out,because I have an important date

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