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ComE out oF thE BluE是什么意思

come out of the blue 凭空出现;来得很突然 例句筛选 1. Did you meet anyone while you were waiting on the sidewalk for me tocome out of the Blue Moon? 你在路边等我出来的时候没有遇见任何人么? 2. Argentina's default in 2001 didn't...

out of the blue[英][aut ɔv ðə blu:][美][aʊt ʌv ði blu] 出其不意,出乎意料; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Such anxious analysis does not come out of the blue. 如此令人担忧的分析结果不是意外得到的

come out of the blue ,爆出冷门 同义词:unexpectedly;unanticipated,unforeseen,unlooked-for 例句:The takeover bid came right out of the blue.接任邀请来得非常突然。

词义 1、凭空而来、凭空出现 2、悲伤、难过

是说的朴慧京的《yesterday》?以下是关于100首含有yesterday的歌曲,希望能帮到你。 1.是爱 P. R. C. yesterday All My Dreams They Seemed So V ... 往事都忘了吧我要说 yesterday All My Dreams They Seemed So V ... 往事都忘了吧我要说 yes...

Dream It Possible

move to the blue circle and come to a stop 全部释义和例句>>移动到蓝色的圆圈,到一个停止 move 英[mu:v] 美[muv] vt.& vi. 移动,搬动; vi. 行动; 搬家; 进展; (机器等) 开动; vt. 提议; 使感动; 摇动; 变化; 全部释义>> [例句]You can mo...

breathe again Have you wounder how it feels when it's all over. 你是否想过一切结束时会是怎样的感觉? Wound how it feels when you just have...

“( )the blue bus come here ? ” “ Every twenty minutes . ”D. How often does 2. A( )political and economic situation is very ...

baby blue=忧郁的孩子

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