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ComE AFtEr 和 ComEs AFtEr 的区别?

这种和复数还是单数 加不加s/es不一样 "15"虽然你可能觉得是负数 就用come 但是这里15是作为一个主语 一个东西 比如 There are 15 XXX.... 这里15是复数 是修饰XXX 所以前面是are 这里 FIFTEEN comes after FOURTEEN. 可以理解为14、15都是名词 ...

为你提供详细解答: come after me 在我之后过来(强调顺序);come with me 意思是和我一起来(强调一起);follow me跟我来(跟在我后面,强调“引导”) 满意请采纳哦 O(∩_∩)O~

come after 基本翻译 紧跟;继……而来 网络释义 come after:跟随|跟踪|跟在…后面 Spring come again after leave:春去春又回 Come After Me:前卫金属

come来, February comes after January.

跟着; 继 ... 而来 Lantern Festival comes after Spring Festival. 过完春节,元宵节跟着就来了。

紧跟;继……而来 例子:We have to fight, no matter what the cost, to open a road for sisters who come after us. 无论如何我们必须坚决地奋斗,给后来的姊妹们开辟一条新路,给她们创造幸福

中文翻译为: come from after 从中来 例句: They don't come from going after them first to get happiness-it's backwards. 不应该先去追求外界的物质来获得幸福-这个顺序颠倒了。 The feedback failure information, mainly come from afte...

come tremblinq after 在...之后胆战心惊地过来 双语例句 1 Many's the man who's come out of her office trembling. 许多男士都胆战心惊地从她办公室里出来。 2 Alice did not dare to disobey, though she felt sure it would allcome wrong,...

不等于 go before 时间上居先 come after 跟着…来,跟在…后面


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