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By Doing sth造句

I study Chinese by taking notes .【我通过记笔记来学习语文】 I study Chinese by asking teather for help 【我通过向老师提出帮助来学习语文】 I study Chinese by listening to tapes 【我通过听磁带的方法来学习语文】

We must have a plan before doing any work.做任何工作前,我们必须订好计划。 We all should warm up before doing some exercises.开始做运动前,我们都应该热身。 He always consulted others before doing anything .他做什么事情都先和别...

suggest doing造句: I suggest doing it a different way. 我建议用不同的方法做这件事 解析: 句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思

keep doing sth造句 1、My teacher kept me doing my homework all the afternoon.我的老师要我整个下午都做作业。 2、We should keep exercising.我们应该保持锻炼。 3、He always keeps smiling .他总是保持微笑。 4、Just keep on doing it. ...

You should stop watching tv.

I usually learn English by reading passagesI usually learn physics by watching lifes I usually learn chemistey by doing experimentsI usually learnChinese by taking to my Chinese teacherI usually learn history by reading history...

I  enjoy reading  books

Learning English is very important today.

Let's finish painting the floor 望采纳

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