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enable rules on all messages downloaded from rss feeds 使所有的信息下载RSS规则饲料

不对 原句意思是: 有这么多张嘴等着吃饭, 他不知道怎么办. there are too many months waiting to be feed, he really don't know what to do.


去农场的人们可以听到有关有机农场方面的知识,可以帮忙喂养动物,可以看到拖拉机。 你是不是把文章分成若干个问题问呀?怎么不一次性问完?

all people go to the farm can hear infirmation about organic farming, help to feed the animals,watch tractor demonstration. 去农场的人们都可以了解到有机耕作的相关知识、帮忙饲养动物、还可以观摩拖拉机工作示范。 hear:be told or i...

He blows us all over.他引爆得我们惊叫连连。His hoes is all on him.他...And it's getting even harder tryin' 2 feed & water my seed plus.种子...

He fights with everyone all the time, and for no reason. He can’t ...The old man said slowly and seriously, “The one that I feed. I always...

1、They were all there except me. 除了我以外他们都在那里。 2、One by one they got out. 他们一个一个地走了出去。 3、Feed the dogs because they...

7、 feed chickens喂鸡 m.niuyingyu.cn 8、 farmer n.农民;农场主9、 quite...36、all in all总的说来37、everything pron一切;所有事物38、interested adj....

其实这个最好提供上下文。 基本意思应该是 全家这么多人要养,他不知道该怎么办

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