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Aim Doing

aim: aim to do sth/ aim at doing sth./ aim at sth 指望,旨在,针对 Businesses will have to aim at long-term growth, not the present profit. aim sth at: aim a gun at the animal / aim a pipe at the puma 把…瞄准,把…指向;把…掷向 ...

aim to do; aim at doing



aim to do/at/for sth一般用主动语态。be aimed at/doing sth意为“为达到某个目的” 当主语是人的时候,用主动语态,例如: He drew his pistol and aimed at the enemy soldier. 当主语是物时,用被动语态。例如: This policy is aimed at incr...

be aimed to do 和be aimed at doing sth,意思一样,形式不一样,都是旨在做某事的意思。 be aimed at 和 aim at 两个主语不同,be aimed at 的主语是物, aim at 的主语是人。

我将来立志当一位像吴孟超一样的好医生 I aim at becoming a doctor as good as Wu Mengchao.

with the aim of doing 以…为目标,其目的是为了 I am here with the aim of doing as well as possible. 他说:“我来这儿的目的是尽可能做到最好。

Compare: 1. We started the PROJECT (which is) AIMED at .... 2. WE are AIMING at...., and have started a project,

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