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2014年我从中学毕业 I graduated from middle school in 2014 2014年我从中学毕业 I graduated from middle school in 2014

time flies! we will graduate from the school a few days later.

My sister graduated from high school two weeks ago 满意请采纳!!!!

你好! 初中阶段大约掌握2000个单词,到高中再增加1500个左右。 一般来说到高中毕业,学生的英语水平三级多不到四级,大约相当于公共英语3.5级,所3.5级的词汇量大约3500个左右。望采纳。


自从我三年前高中毕业之后,就没怎么碰过英语了的翻译 Since I graduated from high school three years ago after the English had no how touched Ever since I have 3 years ago after graduating from high school, he has never touched a ...

After my graduation from high school, After I graduated from high school, 以上两个句子都是表示 高中毕业以后。。

My name is * * *, I'm from sichuan dazhou. Graduated from daxian middle school in 2014. In the winter vacation I through exercise and learn to strong, lay a good foundation for later work. Through the understanding of the compa...

I am going to graduate from high school Yan 我即将从炎帝中学毕业

She has already graduated from Senior High School, and I have just finished my primary school.

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