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最近过得好吗 英语

英文表示问候的表达很多,尤其在熟悉的人之间,请看. what's up? what's going on? how is everything going? how are you? how's it going? how are you doing today? what's new? what's the news? how did you do? 望采纳!

我今天过得还不错 英语 Today, I had a good day.

how are you doing ?这一句话在英语口语中经常用,它和 “how are you ?”意思一样,但后面一句是英语初学者说的。不说最近人家也知道你是问最近的,如果要加可以加recently等等 另外,一般来说口语是连读的,要读成 how're you doing? 还可以...

How are you today?

其实是 "how are you doing?" 不是 "how are you going?" "how have you been" 也对,基本和 "how are you doing"一样意思的。 但是"how are you doing" 一般后面不加 "recently". 只是"how are you doing"就够了

你最近好吗?怎么都没有你的消息呢? How are you these days? How can't I hear from you? 或 How is going these days? Why did't I get any news for you?

最近过的好吗的英语翻译是How have you been recently?

你好,英语是:How's life recently?或者How are you recently? 希望能采纳,谢谢

How are you getting on with your work?

你最近过得怎么样 How are you doing recently

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