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I usually watch TV with my family on Sunday evening

My family often watch TV at night

I went to my friend's farm in the countryside with my family. 在百度知道回答不易,所以希望采纳我的答案,谢谢!

I often go on a picnic with my family. 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

选B或者C。具体要看着一部分在里面具体做什么成分,如果是主语就是B,如果是宾语就是C了。 A、因为在国外,为了表示对客人的尊重,通常都把自己放到最后,所以应该是my family and I. me是作为宾语,放在动词和介词后面,比如,Do you love me? ...

就是 my family

I like Summer vacation, because I can travel with my family, I will be very happy.

I really like my family. 我真的喜欢和我的家人在一起

Last week I went to climb the mountain with my family.The view of the city was wonderful from the top of the mountain.

From Monday to Friday, my mother cook dinner for my family.I often eat noodles for dinner. At weekends, I cook dinner with my father. I have dinner at seven o'clock in the evening every day. 望采纳。

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