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You are my one and only love.你是我仅有的爱. You are my only love.你是我唯一的爱. You are my exclusive love.你是我独有的爱. You are my unmatched love.你是我无与伦比的爱.

你是我的梦.我却不是你的唯一。 You are my dream, but I am not your only one.

“你是我的唯一”英文说法“You're still the only one.” 短语: 1、你仍是我的唯一:You're Still The One. 2、你曾是我的唯一的恋人:you were my only. 3、你一直是我的唯一:You're still the only one. 双语例句: 1、我什么都答应你。你是我...

你好:“You'll always be the one‘

I am just one of the common people in your world, but in my world, you are the only one.

We know the only thing is every one 。

You will always be my only, I will always love you, wait for you forever and forever 希望能帮助到你!!

你好 !我的译句如下: It's not because I can't find the best but you can't be replaced from my heart by anybody, baby, it's only you who are my unique.

Wish I was your only instead of one

You always said I was the only but you give me the feeling is not

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