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in the evening Ialways either watch TV or play computer games

翻译:I usually watch TV for half an hour in the evening.

在星期天我晚上通常六点看电视的翻译是: I usually watch TV at six at night on Sunday evening

你好: 我通常在晚上看篮球赛。 【翻译】:I usually watch basketball matches at night . 满意请采纳!合作愉快!

在假期我通常喜欢打电脑游戏 I usually like to play computer games during the holidays.

I usually do some cooking at nigh.

I usually watch TV and climb hills at weekends .

昨天是周日,平时过周末我通常会到外面打篮球,但昨天我只能待在家里看电视,读书,因为下雨了 Yesterday was Sunday. I usually go outside to play basketball on weekends. But yesterday I had to stay at home and watch TV, read, because it...

My mother usually clean the floor at night, and she is doing it now

我晚上通常睡觉少于六小时 I usually sleep less than six hours at night 或 I usually have less than 6 hours of sleep at night 等, 都可以。

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