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“废物再利用”是不能直译成 Reuse of waste 的,英文里对此有专门的说法。 名词:recycling 动词:to recycle

翻译如下 回收,再生,再利用 Recycling, regeneration, reuse 重点词汇释义 回收 recovery; recover; reclaim; retrieve; recuperation; callback 再生 regenerate; revive; rise again; reproce...

What can be re-used? What can be recycled?

There are some ways to reuse the wastes. The used plastic bags can be used to contain our family rubbish. The empty tins can be made into ashtrays. We can also make the used bottles into different kinds of handiwork. That will ...

塑料再利用 Plastic reutilization 利用 [词典] use; utilize; take advantage of; exploit; avail oneself of; [例句]詹姆斯·沃森、菲利普·梅奥和我利用幻灯片和视频进行了介绍。 James Watson, Philip Mayo and I gave a slide and video pres...

1. Use rubbish and accelerate cycle economy development 实现废物利用促进循环经济发展 2. “ i think recycling is a good idea “我觉得废物利用是个好主意。 ” 3. The methods used have helped enormously in cutting out deadwood 这些方...

能被重新利用, 英文翻译 Can be reused,

Environmental Protection Today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at ...

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