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预告(两种含义) 1.(事先通告) announce in advance或 herald:例句: herald the coming of spring; 预告春天的到来 2. (事先的通告) advance notice: 例句: notice on forthcoming books 新书预告

Always Starting Over 播放 歌手:Idina Menzel 语言:英语 所属专辑:If/Then: A New Musical (Original Broadway Cast ...

你为了爱情 播放 歌手:雷安娜 语言:粤语 所属专辑:丽花皇宫 你、你、你为了爱情 今宵不冷静 你、你、你为了爱情 孤单的看星 你、你、你为了爱情 得不到呼应 情共爱 那让去 追究只有通通抛诸脑後 你、你、你为了爱情 今宵不冷静 你、你、你为...

洋人的说法不一样,一般连续剧都是说"on the next episode",就是说下一集有什么什么。 如果要真的翻译下集预告这个词的话,那应该是preview of the next episode。

00发布锦衣夜行的终极预告片 The ultimate trailer released the 00 silk night 00发布锦衣夜行的终极预告片 The ultimate trailer released the 00 silk night

我记得是 PV

NEXT EPISODE,下面那个previously on heros的意思是前集提示,回顾,在美剧里一般在下集预告的时候都是回在屏幕上写着“NEXT EPISODE” 并且拌着下集的故事情节。

Rain On Your Parade 播放 歌手:Duffy 语言:英语 所属专辑:Rockferry (Deluxe Edition)

Love exists but with an absence of eternity. At the first moment of a lover's encounter there's an affirmation of love. Psychologically, lunacy, emptiness, panic, delusions that the moment will last forever. I'm seized by desir...

There was a time when men were kind, when their voices were soft, and their words inviting. There was a time when love was blind, and the world was a song, and the song was exciting! There was a time, then it all want wrong. 曾...

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