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有一首英文歌 是女声 节奏很慢,求歌名,歌词见补充.

"Old Money"LANA DEL REY Blue hydrangea, cold cash, divine, Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine. Red racing cars, sunset in vine, The kids were young and pretty. Where have you been? Where did you go? Those summer nights seem l...

All We Are - Matt Nathanson I tasted tasted love so sweet And all of it was lost on me Bought and sold like property Sugar on my tongue I kept falling over I kept looking backward I went broke believing That the simple should b...

Hollaback girl

Que Sera Sera

Cant Get You Out Of My Head 凯莉·米洛 我也找了半天这个歌,不知道是不是你要找的。希望能帮到你!

I Am You-歌手:Kim Taylor,不知道是不是这首,节奏挺慢的,我个人觉得也舒服。

I've Told Ev'ry Little Star - Mario Lanza I've told every little star Just how sweet I think you are Why haven't I told you? I've told ripples in a brook Made my heart an open book Why haven't I told you? Friends ask me am I in...

当遇到喜欢的歌或曲而又不知道歌名时,可先记录下一句或几句歌词,最好是记录下关健部分歌词,然后打开百度首页,在输入框顶部找到菜单点击音乐,在音乐的百度输入框中输入这些歌词搜索。 之后会查到搜索结果,多数情况下会查到较多歌曲,需要一...

《let's get down》----cheryl cole 是不是这个?

just one last dance?

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