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用短语Cut oFF 造句

He cut off a small piece of bread and gave it to me. 他切下一小片面包递给了我。

1 on the average 一般来说 he spends on the average two hours a day on reading. 2 step by step 逐步的 he learn the rules of game step by step. 3 get through 完成 we got through all the work. 4 drop out of school 失学 she drop pu...

初中英语常用词组 1.初中英语教材中共出现近500个词组,其中有一部分为常用词组,要求能熟练运用. 2.在学习中,要注意词组的积累,特别要注意介词词组和短语动词的积累. 3.对固定词组的意义,切不可望文生义.例如,动词look愿意为“看”,但look after意...

1.The trees are covered by the snow in the winther 2.I am talking withbmy mother on the telephone. 3.I fell in love with Mary. 4.By the way,what's your name? 5.I took picture with my parents.

get their lunch ready:他们的午餐准备好了。When children got home,their mom got their lunch ready. live a happy life:幸福的生活;快乐的生活着。They live a happy life.

care for 关心,照顾;喜欢 I don't care for that colour. 我不喜欢那种颜色。

实在是太多了,后面的一些不常用的就没有造句了,如果需要的话可以对问题进行补充哦 1. take after 长相或举止像 (某个长辈)(不用进行时) Mary really takes after her mother; she has the same eyes,nose and hair. 玛丽真像她妈妈,眼...

1、影片中的那个年轻人为了摆脱家庭的束缚,不惜远走他乡。 2、看了这部教育的影片,他受到很大启发。 3、他在影片中扮演战斗英雄,演得自然、逼真,给我留下了深刻的印象。 4、《雷锋的故事》是一部很有教育意义的影片。

用短语 try sth on 简单的造句 The shirt is beautiful . Can you try it on ? 这个衬衫美丽。你能试穿它吗? Look at the new skirt . Please try it on . 看这条新裙子,请试穿它。

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