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印度佬的英文确实不敢恭维埃 意思是:生气,和他们交流真是太费劲了(指同印度人说英文)angry,very very difficult to talk to them.

Experiencing English is an interesting new textbook with some variations from the traditional in its approach. 英语是一种以传统上变化的方法来教学的有趣新教材。

谷歌翻译: 1 ) reduce the speed packaging machines , lamination speed no points from the previous package lamination 80 is reduced to 40 packs , minimize triboelectric material phenomenon caused by the clip , but the clip can n...



天雨虽宽不润无根之草 佛法无边不渡无缘之人 Even the benevolent rain will not nourish the non-root grass, and even the almighty buddhism will not reform the non-chemistry disciple.

“原来是你在吓唬我”这种原来 通常都会这么表达 it turns out it's ~~ “这个城镇原来是一片荒地”这种原来 则要这么表达 it is oringinally 没有通译的方法


In this respect 从这个方面来说 Personally...从个人角度讲, On the other hand 从另一方面来说 In some ways 从某些方面来说 In some ways 从某种角度来说, 例如: In some ways Sydney is more like the city of Shanghai than Beijing. 从...

【你确定前面没有话了?。。。】 Apart from learning and work,I often play volleyball and badminton with my classmates in my spare time.Not only does it help to strengthen my body,it also promotes the cooperation among all team...

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