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这句话注意时态next month要用一般将来时,去某地要用go to sp。更正为And I will go to Canada next month。 Some famous high school are worth a visit。一般不用value这个词说值得去观看。这是中文式的说法。最后一段。translator翻译员。tr...

doors---the doors,这里应是特指某些门。 to read---reading be worth doing值得做某事 to---from leave from从哪到哪 travelled---travells 客观事实用一般现在时 what a---how 天气不可数,不能用不定冠词修饰 spent---costs spend主语不能是...

1.A What

1,It's really cold lately.so I've bought a new winter coat. X It has been cold lately, lately通常用完成时。 2,I 've heard you'll have a baby!Congratulations. 勾 3.When I was a little girl,I've always spent my pocket money on ...

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1.Excuse me, are you from Brazil?去掉定冠词。2.这题你的第一个单词掉东西了吧?Mr/Miss/.. Wu teaches English well.第一个单词不动,把teachers改为teaches,good 改为well.3.Those girls are from America and Korean.These 改为Those,复数...

收信用 receive 根据意思不同: I hope to receive a letter in English from you. 我希望收到你的一封英文信。 I hope to receive a letter from you in England. 我希望在英格兰能收到来自你的一封信。

选择C,把just改成same 跟现实生活中一样,所以,要有个“一样”,same。 答案A usually用来修饰副词和形容词,放在这里很正确,不用改 答案B be interested in doing sth放在这里很正确。这里,看电影并不止是一种说法,可以说watch a movie,go t...

trouser加s is改为has too改为either likely改为like they改为them are改为do friend加s say改为speak 希望对你有帮助,好好学习,天天向上,哈哈

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