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flowers一些,变复数,加s look后面加at is变are 学生是复数 some变为any,否定句用any a改an art元音前用an

B---any A---is B---are C---near D---mine B---many A---Are A---is D---one B---are

trouser加s is改为has too改为either likely改为like they改为them are改为do friend加s say改为speak 希望对你有帮助,好好学习,天天向上,哈哈

B like ----likes B lives---live A buys---buy

doors---the doors,这里应是特指某些门。 to read---reading be worth doing值得做某事 to---from leave from从哪到哪 travelled---travells 客观事实用一般现在时 what a---how 天气不可数,不能用不定冠词修饰 spent---costs spend主语不能是...

This---It That---It This's---This is a---an Its---It's an---a What's---What map---a map english---English

They can help you find the mistake and correct it.

. 1 much改为many 2 open改为opening 3 any 改为some 第一时间为你解答,敬请采纳, 如果本题还有疑问请追问,Good luck!

1.It seems that everyone knows him. 2.Unless we protect the rare animals,they may die out. 3.The invention of word is considered to be the culture's beginning. 4.Because of over-cuting by human beings,many trees have gone. 5.It...

1 lies------lying 2 cleaned-------cleaning 3 Master-------Mastering 4 make--------making 5 led--------leading 6 sing------singing 7 entertained-------entertaining 8 burnt--------burning

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