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A How much milk (milk不可数)

flowers一些,变复数,加s look后面加at is变are 学生是复数 some变为any,否定句用any a改an art元音前用an

1.what's ---what

trouser加s is改为has too改为either likely改为like they改为them are改为do friend加s say改为speak 希望对你有帮助,好好学习,天天向上,哈哈

doors---the doors,这里应是特指某些门。 to read---reading be worth doing值得做某事 to---from leave from从哪到哪 travelled---travells 客观事实用一般现在时 what a---how 天气不可数,不能用不定冠词修饰 spent---costs spend主语不能是...

This---It That---It This's---This is a---an Its---It's an---a What's---What map---a map english---English

Excuse us for any omission or negligence if there is. We'll correct timely.

1. A doesn't do 2. C in 3. A Where 4. A must 5. C go into the classroom

C by C skating C for A when C in

这类题目主要考察的是你的语法和语感,也是一种在小升初常见的题目。通常有些错误很明显,如:My father like eat apple.这句话中就有两个错误,应该是eat-eating(like后面加动词ing),like-likes(第三人称单数)。偶尔,也考察你对词组的熟...

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