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英语里"对某人而言"用to 还是用For ?????

用for 一般情况下: 若形容词是描述不定式行为者的性格、品质的,如kind,good,nice,right,wrong,clever,careless,polite,foolish等,用of sb. 例如:It’s very kind of you to help me. 你能帮我,真好 It’s clever of you to work out ...

对我来说,这件事很糟糕,for somebody like me,this is awful 你真的不该这么对她,you should do that to her 望采纳

for sb. 华东五校英语专业学生

用to,一般作为动词的指向性固定搭配用to, 比如 give it to me. 把它给我。 for 一般作为一种行为的目的性,比如Write a letter for congratulation. 写信祝贺。

例句:(1) For many of us, through science we now know better.对我们许多人而言...(2) The purpose and significance of many customs and traditions are now lost to many people.对许多人而言...(3) This is specially so with the young....

你好: 一般是用 It's + 形容词 + for sb + to do sth 意思是"做....对某人来说, 很....." 如: It's difficult for me to solve this math problem ( 解决这道数学问题对我来说很难) 希望对您有帮助!

据我了解。。与某人相处的好不是be good with sb.吗?

for 表示 主观性 to 表示 客观性

it is unfair for sb. to do sth. 结构“it's+adj.+for sb.+to do sth”

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