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我的英文水平不如他。It is hard to compare.很难比较。compare[kEm5pZE]n.比较, 对照Her beauty is beyond compare.她无比美丽。(as) compared with和......

In this respect 从这个方面来说 Personally...从个人角度讲, On the other hand 从另一方面来说 In some ways 从某些方面来说 In some ways 从某种角度来说, 例如: In some ways Sydney is more like the city of Shanghai than Beijing. 从...

2016-01-27 现在正在上映的电影 英文翻译 2011-12-12 "这部电影明天上映"用英文怎么说? 15 2012-09-06 “这部电影何时上映”用英语怎么说? 3 更多...

一楼正解,Look forward to your reply. 要客气的话,可说:Look forward to your favourable reply, 或是look forward to your kind reply/advice. 如果事情有点急,可委婉的说:Look forward to your soonest reply.


坏 bad ruin destroy evil spoil awfully 短语 坏天气 Bad Day ; Bad weather ; You Had a Bad Day ; foul weather 坏孩子 Evil ; Bad Kids ; Bad boy ; Ondksan 坏了 out of order ; be broken ; out of whack ; break down 例句: 1. 他对待我...


"提前"英文怎么说? 回答:ahead of time;in advance;ahead of schedule;beforehand 等短语,都可表达“提前”之意,请看例句: 1)ahead of time; 例:We completed the work five days ahead of time. 我们提前五天完成工作。 2)in...

portable hard drive 这是标准译法,trust me

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