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who care you? 谁照顾你?

顺手采纳答案 who care who are you的意思是 谁在乎你是谁

who can care you 词典结果 who can care you 谁能照顾你


你最在乎的人是谁?Who is the man that you care about most? 谁是最在乎你的人?Who is the person most care about you?

你好,很高兴为你解答 翻译如下: You care about others, who cares about you! 希望对你有帮助

这是后街男孩As long as you love me 的歌词啊 I don't care who you are ,where you're from ,what you did ,as long as you love me 我不在乎你是谁, 你来自哪里, 你做了什么, 只要你爱我


just a stranger who doesn't care much about you 只是一个不太关心你的陌生人 望采纳

I am back, thank you (to) every friend who took care of me in(along) the journey 我回来了,很感谢在旅途中一直照顾我的朋友们! 满意的话 别吝啬你的采纳哦~

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