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这是八年级下册所有的 课文和单词 MP3,希望能帮到你。

下面这个文件里面就有苏教版8b英语第二课听力. 【2015牛津译林版(或苏教版)八年级英语(下册)(课文+听力+单词】的下载地址如下: 链接: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1o6Jz77s 密码: qzua 注:这是压缩文件,需解压成mp3格式才能播放。

我有 牛津英语8B词组复习牛津英语8B Unit 1 词组1. 在过去 in the past 2. 目前 at present 3. 不再 not any longer / no longer / not any more / no more 4. 回到过去 back to the past 5. 自1998 年以来 since 1998 6. 我家乡的变化 the chan...



1.词汇 view, indoor, theme, stationery, souvenir, cute, fast-food, pie, biscuit, performer, clap, march, gift, shinny, crown, bow(n.), wave, helpless, delight(n.), harm(n.), meaning, line(n.)等等 2.短语 go on a trip ...

一、1.uniforms2.sleepy 3.replied 4.practice 5.importance 二、1.comfortable 2.much 3.success 4.decisions5.suggestions 三、1.tall enough 2.achieving your dream 3.design our school uniforms 4.hadopportunity to study 5.aren't allow...

unit 5 international pocket pocket money be used to further health interviewer blindness affect mostly case cure medical treatment volunteer operation patient afford skill train operate indeed proud medicine treat improve carry...

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