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特殊疑问词加will加主语加动词原形加其他 特殊疑问词加be加主语加going to加动词原形加其他 特殊疑问词加be加主语加动词现在分词加其他

特殊疑问词加will加主语加动词原形加其他 特殊疑问词加be加主语加going to加动词原形加其他 特殊疑问词加be加主语加动词现在分词加其他

will + 动词原形 We will go to Hainan tomorrow. I will go on a trip to the sea next week.

when will you come back to your hometown?

一般疑问句是疑问句的一种。它是指用yes或no来回答的句子。其结构是: 系动词be/助动词/情态动词+主语+其他成分特殊疑问句是以疑问词开头,对句中某一成分提问的句子叫特殊疑问句。常用的疑问词有:what who whose which when where how why等。

I will eat the apple.(我将要吃苹果) I will not eat the apple.(我将不会吃掉这个苹果) Will you eat the apple?(你要吃了这个苹果吗?) what will you do tomorrow(明天)?(你明天要做什么?) Which fruit will you eat, apple or pea...

一般将来时特殊疑问句:Will he goes to school next year ? 反义疑问句: You didn't do your homework, did you ? You can see nothing , can you ? Everyone is very happy, isn't he ? Don't talk please ,will you ? let's go , shall we ?...

形式 以特殊疑问词开头,对句中某一成分提问的句子叫特殊疑问句。常用的疑问词有:what 、who 、whose 、which 、when 、where 、how 、why等。 可先分为3种: 疑问代词:what,who(谁,作主语) which(哪个,在一定范围内选择) whose(谁的,...

what will there be?

be going to表示客观安排或受人指示而做某事。后+动词原形。 be about to+动词原形,意为马上作某事,不能与tomorrow,next week等表示明确将来时的时间状语连用。 ①肯定句:主语+ be going to do /主语+will+ 动词原形 ②否定句:主语+ be not go...

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