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我爱你并不是因为你是怎么样的一个人,而是喜欢和你在一起的感觉。 翻译成英文是:I love you not because of who you are, but because I like the feeling when you are being with me. 解释: 1、I love you 我爱你 双语例句: I love you an...

I seem to like you a little.

翻译是:Do you dislike me, and do you hate me? 解释: dislike 英[dɪsˈlaɪk] 美[dɪsˈlaɪk] vt. 厌恶; 不喜欢; n. 讨厌; 厌憎; [例句]We don't serve liver often because so many people dislike it 我们不常...

I wish you could like/ love it. I hope you can like / love it. I wish you to like it.

I like you all. I love all you give.

I feel regret for every decision I made, only no regret is that I meet you and love you

I have already fell in love with ynu for a long time

Many people like you, as well as me. I like nobody, but you.

翻译 我正在努力变成自己喜欢的那个自己 正宗英语怎么说 I am trying hard to chang into what I want to become with great admiration . I am trying everything possible to turn into the person who is liked by myself. I am doing my bes...

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