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我想问下是on monDAy 还是in monDAy,是in monDAy A...

选B。Why (+not) +动词原形: Why (not) come here? join us 加入到我们的行列中,跟我们一块儿; join us in (doing)sth. 跟我们一起参加.....活动 Please join us (in singing songs / in the discussion).

I have a computer lesson on Monday. 1. i 句首大写 2.have 因为I 是第一人称,只有第三人称才用has 3.lesson可数 所以加a 4.computer电脑 拼写错误 5.Monday星期一 所有星期都需要大写 “俊狼猎英团队为您解答” 有问题欢迎追问~


in the afternoon 泛指“ 下午” on the afternoon 一般指具体某一天的下午, 如: on the afternoon of June 5th 在六月五号下午 选C

Huh-oh oeh-oh yea-eah Another one two check Another song for the radio It hasn sunk in yet But it's about to get personal Last night my life She walked out with a suitcase Took me by surprise And I'm hurting so bad Now there's ...


which day is monday in a week? 回答:The first day in a week is Monday.

7 days On my way to see my friends 在我去看朋友的路上 who lived a couple blocks away from me (owh)他们住在离我不远的几个街区外 As I walked through the subway 当我在地下铁里走的时候 it must have been about quarter past three应该...

1. There is a maths test next Monday. 意思:下星期一有一次数学考试。 2.Is there a maths test next Monday? 意思:下星期一有一次数学考试吗? there be 句型 There be 句型是英语中常用句型, 意思是“有”,表示“人或事物的存在”或“某地有...

due形容词,作定语,实际上due Monday 短语的功能相当于which/that is due Monday这一表语从句。 due:到期的;预期的;预定到达的 If something is due at a particular time, it is expected to happen, be done, or arrive at that time. 例句 ...

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