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单一的 基本翻译 simplex onefold unitary single univocal 网络释义 单一的:single|einzeln Dpron.|simplex 单一的消息包:solo message packet 单一的责任范围:single limitation of liability

唯一 [词典] only; unique; sole; [例句]这是我能够想到的唯一理由。 It's the only explanation I can think of.

exclusive、one and only、only、unique、one、sole、the one、singular 单词造句:Lack of exclusive content. 缺乏独有的内容。 He walked the Nineveh to tell the people there about the one and only God. 他前往尼尼微并告诉那里的人们关...

I'm unique.

“你是我的唯一”英文说法“You're still the only one.” 短语: 1、你仍是我的唯一:You're Still The One. 2、你曾是我的唯一的恋人:you were my only. 3、你一直是我的唯一:You're still the only one. 双语例句: 1、我什么都答应你。你是我...

你是我的唯一的英文译为:You are my only one。其用法如下: 1、在这个世界上你是我的唯一。 You are only mine in this world. 2、我就是那么倔强的相信,你是我的唯一。 I was so stubborn Believe, you are my only. 3、在这一刻,你是我的...

only one

唯一翻译成英文怎么写only one

You are the only one in my whole life. 大众一点可以说 you are the apple of my eye

only the question is nothing to do at night,except reading

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