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only,sole,mere(adj.)都有“唯一的”意思,但侧重点不同: only 强调的是“一类中唯一的一个”, sole强调的是“只一个”, mere的意思是“仅仅的,单单的,纯粹的”。 Examples: 1. 编字典一直都不是他唯一的工作。 Dictionary-making has not been hi...

“你是我的唯一”英文说法“You're still the only one.” 短语: 1、你仍是我的唯一:You're Still The One. 2、你曾是我的唯一的恋人:you were my only. 3、你一直是我的唯一:You're still the only one. 双语例句: 1、我什么都答应你。你是我...

”你确定?“的英文翻译是:Are you sure? 双语例句: 1、Are you sure you heard right? 你确定你听说的是正确的吗? 2、Are you sure you heard right? 你确定你听见的是正确的吗? 3、Are you sure about the name of that hotel? 关于那个宾...

你是我唯一的依靠:You are my only one whom I rely on.

You are my one and only love.你是我仅有的爱. You are my only love.你是我唯一的爱. You are my exclusive love.你是我独有的爱. You are my unmatched love.你是我无与伦比的爱.

你是我的唯一的英文译为:You are my only one。其用法如下: 1、在这个世界上你是我的唯一。 You are only mine in this world. 2、我就是那么倔强的相信,你是我的唯一。 I was so stubborn Believe, you are my only. 3、在这一刻,你是我的...

翻译为:You are my only one. only 【读音】:英 [ˈəʊnli] 美 [ˈoʊnli] 【释义】:adj.唯一的;仅有的;最好的,最适当的;adv.只,仅仅;结果却,不料;conj.但是,可是;要不是 【例句】: Only the President could au...

my only one

I am just one of the common people in your world, but in my world, you are the only one.

only the question is nothing to do at night,except reading

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