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State the obvious 看起来很明显 I didn't get my perfect fantasy 我没有实现我完美的幻想 I realized you love yourself 我意识到你爱你自己 More than you could ever love me 比爱我还要多 So go and tell your friends 所以告诉你的朋友们 ...

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Taylor swift很多歌都是骂前男友的,推荐你听下她的《forever and always》或者《should ve say no》,都挺不错的,她很多歌都是骂前男友的,你可以搜搜看。尤其是在她早期的乡村音乐专辑中。

自己翻译的: 开头: Would you look how happy we were back then 你能看出我们以前多幸福么 I can't believe he turned out to be such a jerk 我无法相信现在他竟变成这么一个笨蛋 What ... What 什么?怎么了? He's got a girl with him 他...

State the obvious看起来很明显I didn't get my perfect fantasy我没有实现我完美的幻想 I realized you love yourself我意识到你爱你自己 More that you could ever love me比爱我还要多 So go and tell your friends所以告诉你的朋友们 That I...

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