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她的朋友对她像姐姐一样 的英语翻译

朋友就像姐姐一样。 Friends like sister.

翻译成英文是She is better at skating than his sister下图是翻译截图

Is she your sister No she isn't

像她姐姐那样擅长运动 As good at sports as her sister 运动 多音字: [yùn dòng] [yùn dong] [词典] movement; sports; athletics; [物] motion; [例句]从早到晚都坚持做这项运动,日复一日,你就能强壮起来。 You get fit by playing the game...

elder sister Lucilla often asks her elder sisters to retell the story. 露西拉经常要姐姐们把这个故事反复讲给她听 sister He had very little in common with his sister. 他和姐姐几乎没有什么共同语言。 [电影]Fury Or Love 电影名,也翻...

Li Yan is my elder sister with big eyes and straight hair. Her sweet smile is always on her face, which makes her look lively. My sister is intelligent. Her grades are great, having won the scholarship twice. She sets a good ex...

她有和她姐姐一样长的头发 She has a long hair like her sister.

中文 她有和她姐姐一样长的头发 ​ 英文 She has a long hair like her sister.

你想问什么? 你姐不会对你有想法的,你是她的亲弟弟吗,是的话不会对你有其他的想法的

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