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她的朋友对她像姐姐一样 的英语翻译

朋友就像姐姐一样。 Friends like sister.

Is she your sister? No she isn’t

she's sister

I have a pretty sister.She is twenty years old.Her name is ZengJie.She likes reading. So she is very clever.Her favourite sport is swimming.I sometimes swim with her. She is a friendly girl,because she always be friendly to eve...

People all say that I look like my elder sister. People all say that my elder sister and I are alike. People all say that my elder sister and I look alike .

“姐姐”的英语怎么说: sister,elder sister 例句: 1.他姐姐萨拉帮助了他。 His sister Sarah helped him. 2.我的姐姐给了我这本非常好看的书。 My sister's given me this brilliant book. 3.现在她已经退休了,和姐姐一起祝 Now that she was...

Are these two girls your elder sisters ? 分析: 1、这是一个主系表结构的简单句。根据句子意思是一般现在时的一般疑问句,所以要把be 动词提到句子前面, 主语是复数,be 动词用are 。 2、句子成分分析:主语:these two girls 系动词:are ...

中文 她有和她姐姐一样长的头发 ​ 英文 She has a long hair like her sister.

Her elder sister often communicates with her grandfater on the phone.

英文原文: The woman beside him is my father's sister, my aunt Liz 英式音标: [ðə] [ˈwʊmən] [bɪˈsaɪd] [hɪm] [ɪz] [maɪ] [ˈfɑːðərz] [ˈsɪstə...

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