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Excuse me, order please. 你好 我想点餐 Can I have the menu? 可以给我看一下菜单吗? Do you have any recommendation? 有什么推荐吗? I'd like... /Can I have... 我想要……(接你想点的东西) Excuse me, can I have the bill?/I'm ready t...

新动态解答:请给我菜单。 May I have a menu,please? 是否有中文菜单? Do you have a menu in chinese? 在用晚餐前想喝些什麼吗? Would you like something to drink before dinner? 餐厅有些什麼餐前酒? What kind of drinks do you hav...

1.What can I get for you today? 每个店员都会问的。 回答:Yes. 这句也可以不答,直接点餐。2. For here or to go? / Stay or to go? 在这儿吃还是带走? 回答:For here, number one combo. / To go, one Big Mac with medium fries. 视情况...

For here or to go? 在这儿吃还是带走? Is that for here or to go? 您在这儿吃还是带走?

1.May I help you?你需要点什么?2.chip薯条3.Hamburg汉堡4.Coke可乐5.Here or to go ?在这吃还是带走?6.Apple Pie苹果派7.chicken wings 鸡翅8.chicken thighs鸡大腿你可以先掌握这些基本词汇,点餐的句型就可以用:1.would you like some___...

Can I take your order now,madam?您现在可以点菜了吗,太太? Yes. What would you recommend?是的。你推荐什么? I am happy to recommend the fish.我很乐意向您推荐鱼。 It tastes delicious and it's today's special.它的味道很鲜美,而且...



你要点什么?他们套餐上面有数字的,说can I have a Number 1 please

学英语首先就要学会拼读法,这样看到任何单词就能不借助音标和示范自己就能读了。 学拼读法大概需要1周左右的时间,跟老师学是最好的,不想花钱的话买本自然拼音的书自学也可以。

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