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ep是可以是环保的英文缩写。 ep即environmental protection的英文缩写,意为‘环境保护’、‘环保’。 举例: Regional EPA offices develop, propose and implement approved regional programs for comprehensive EP activities. 环保总署的各地方...

EPenvironment protection


不是环境部的全名为Ministry of Environmental Protection。

标准答案:Ministry of Environment Protection of the People’s Republic of China(MEPC)

Sometimes it was as long as a year, sometimes as shor

*** IERM Institute of Ecology and Resource Management (UK) ** IERM Institute of Environment and Recreation Management (Africa) ** IERM Information Exchange Requirements Matrix ** iERM Interactive Enterprise Relationship Managem...

environmental protection ,EP

可能是Green Power(绿色能源) 或者 Green Protection(绿色保护).

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