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You are my one and only love.你是我仅有的爱. You are my only love.你是我唯一的爱. You are my exclusive love.你是我独有的爱. You are my unmatched love.你是我无与伦比的爱.

You are the only one I love

“你是我的唯一”英文说法“You're still the only one.” 短语: 1、你仍是我的唯一:You're Still The One. 2、你曾是我的唯一的恋人:you were my only. 3、你一直是我的唯一:You're still the only one. 双语例句: 1、我什么都答应你。你是我...

I am just one of the common people in your world, but in my world, you are the only one.

你是我唯一的爱 You are my only love

答案: 【You are my single】. 你是我的唯一. 【▲Me YC▲真诚为你解答此题,若有疑问请及时追问,满意望及时选为满意答】

i spend every minute and every second loving and missing you. loving you is the whole thing of my life. you are the only one of me i can't live without you. you are not allowed to leave me.

李新你是我唯一的爱 आश ौलचलऐ ऐओफ आमॠलऐयह इआ चहऐयह औअअऊऐ...

我和你唯一的关系就是没有关系 The only relationship between me and you is nothing to do with you

you are my only

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