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原文:愿你是我唯一的太阳,照亮我生命的每一个角落。 英文:May you be the one for me, to light up every corner of my life. 重点词汇解释: light 英 [laɪt] 美 [laɪt] n.光;发光体;电灯;点火器 adj.轻的;明亮的;浅色的;少量的 v....

savior是正解;在不那么正式的场合还可以翻译成 You are the lucky star in my life.

翻译是:Meeting you is the most beautiful accident in my life. 解释: meeting 英[ˈmi:tɪŋ] 美[ˈmitɪŋ] n. 会议; 聚会; 汇合点; 运动会; v. 开会; 相遇( meet的现在分词); 相识; 接触(某物); [例句]Can we ...

You are the one and the only one only in my life.

Tick tock and the clock won''t stop 滴答滴答,时间不会停下 You need more time but the curtain drops 你需要更多的时间但是天亮了 Hanging by a thread end of a rope you find hope 被一根绳子的尾部拽着,你发现了希望 You fall just sho...

You are everything in my life and I want to be with you forever. I love you!

你是我生命中的阳光 英语:You are the sunshine of my life. 日语:あなたは私の生命の中の光を浴びる。 韩语:당신 은 나 의 생명 에서 햇볕 이다. 西班牙语...

我唯一遗憾的是,我只有一次生命爱你,黎雪燕 I am the only regret that I only have a life to love you, Li Xueyan


Even if you are not the all of my life, but you also will be a passing traveller in my life,

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