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“你还在吗?”的英语翻译是"Are you still there?" 1、很快,对方将会停下来,问:你还在吗? Within a few moments the other person will stop and ask, Are you still there? 2、我回来的时候你还在这里吗? Will you still be here when I ge...

英语是:Are you still there? 重点词汇解释: you 英[ju] 美[jə] pron. 你; 大家; 你们,您们; 各位; [例句]Getting good results gives you confidence 取得好的结果会给人以信心。 still 英[stɪl] 美[stɪl] adv. 仍,仍然; 更...

你还在吗?用英语:Are you there? 重点词汇: there 英[ðeə(r)] 美[ðer] adv. 那里; 在那里; 在那一点上; pron. 表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生(常用作be, seem或appear的主语); int. (表示满足、烦恼) 你瞧,好啦,得啦...

That previous you...still exist?

关于你,还在继续 About you, continues

Is my thing still in your place or not? Has my thing still been put in your place or not?

will you teach in our school next term?

Are you in?

Time still, you still

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